Stop telling me how to make money blogging!


God dammit every time!

Maybe the first few times I saw a blog offering a payed service on ‘how to make money blogging’ or how ‘quit your 9-5 job’ it was convincing. Now it is just annoying and even disheartening. Especially when you see that a bulk of your followers are automated sell-bot-blogs whose only purpose is to rope people in in order to sell them some pseudo eBook or offer a  ‘business opportunity’ (google: pyramid scheme) and in the meantime, every other one of their posts are some copy-pasted half-assed motivational quote and people eat it up like cake for breakfast. Giving that person/robot even more traffic/influence on the net.

A bit of online research can tell you the ins and outs of blogging, the best money making strategies etc, you DO NOT need to buy into these schemes to make a profitable monetized blog. I have examined some of these supposedly fool-proof ideas, they all seem like rip-offs or slight deviants of Tim Ferris‘ book The Four Hour Work Week, I mean, if you are going to profit off other peoples ideas at least put a spin on it or do something that distinguishes your ideas from the next wise-geek muhummed.

The simple tips which are largely universal in profiting and gaining traffic/followers from blog (I do not follow these, because I can’t see this blog really gaining a large following, it’s too ‘me’ and I’m not really a niche)

Find a specific niche: very specific. (Crude example) Okay so you want to make a porn-site? what particular porn? The audience would like to know what they are getting into. I.e Bondage, Hentai, etc.

* Schedule posts: save time/ effort, feeling creative? Write 10 articles! Set them to self-publish over the next couple weeks.

* Live for others <3 (yeah right, we are all greedy bitches): anyway, help people out! No one really cares about you or what you are doing in your life unless you are a successful or influential person. Write things people can relate or enjoy, tutorials etc always popular.

* Use your WordPress reader!: Follow peeps, be active in the online community, take an interest, comment, always reply to comments etc.

* Time:  yeah, this bit sucks. Unless you are already highly knowledgeable in the area of blogging, or are a profit hungry beast who hit the ground running with aggressive marketing tactics, this may take some time. Just learn as you go, do research here and there, it’s not rocket science, but it helps to have the IQ of a rocket scientist.

that’s pretty much all your going to get in any of those user-written eBooks or schemes planning to cure leukemia and eradicate aids etc. The only thing I’ve really missed is the specifics of setting up your blog on a host server + with sense and the like.

* Don’t be discouraged! The fact of the matter is they have been in the game longer than you have and have followers/traffic to show for it. This didn’t happen over night. Don’t be patient, be active in your blogs success. Just try not to get too OCD about it.

Back to me.

My blog has been steadily growing since April this year and it feels rewarding as I see my Blog’s net-presence grow. I hold fast in the belief that it will one day consume the earth.

Thanks for reading!!

with much love, cuddles and intimate touching,

J2E (Journey Towards Enlightenment)

(yeah I abbreviated the title. The whole thing didn’t fit in the theme.. anyway I like it so meh)

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