How to have a cheap night out and social niches (aka, guide to being an anarchistic petty thief)

Last week I was out on the town in a multi-story club.  It was banging with at least three dance floors and a roof area it was pretty close to a venue you would imagine in some movie set in Vegas(probably too flattering..) This isn’t to say that everything was going my way. Extremely overpriced entry and drinks, that being said it was still definitely worth my while and t’was fun.

When you’re $70 down and not nearly intoxicated enough, all doors become open and all means become acceptable.  

“Hey is this your drink?  I swear left mine around here somewhere.”  Bam, snatch one free drink or the equivalent of $7-15 saved depending on the beverage.  Repeat this depending on drinks required, if possible avoid hitting the same location more than once, blend, ‘float’ from drink to drink as if you were chilling in your own home.

A simple G.D.D.L (Grab, Drink, Drop, Leave.) technique works if no drinks have been abandoned (i.e earlier in the night) when consumers are momentarily distracted and leave their drinks out of their sight for a few seconds.

This being said, I don’t endorse these tactics, depending on the desperation of the situation it’s usually courtesy to watch a beverage for 5-8 minutes to see whether or not it is valued it’s more than likely that some drunk has stumbled off and forgotten about it.

The great thing about clubs is that the noise is banging and theirs so much that goes on you’re basically a shadow, it’s easy to lose yourself in this wilderness and revert to a more primitive state of niche filling to progress. The scavenger, hunter, prey etc.  Of course, I don’t endorse the behavior described in this blog.

This brings to thinking about the cliche’ connection between tribal behavior and night venues;

Most people arrive in groups, tribes and seek to mix with other tribes to form bonds, with the occasion of the ballsy PUA (pick up artist) who draws confidence from within rather than group status.  A lot of this is based on social hierarchy and it goes without saying that higher status males and conversely, groups of them are ridiculously more attractive to groups of women than a small group of beta guys.

Thoughts on niches and hierarchy and social venue in order highest to lowest;

Alpha Lone Wolf – PUA 

Alpha Group of Males

Attractive Group Females

Attractive Lone Female (common prey)

Beta Group of Males

Approximately 438291 hours left on earth and counting.


Western culture trains us to be in constant competition.

This is so primal, it’s like struggling for food and resources.

We reward the sociopath and real humans commit suicide.

If you were aware in every moment, feeling, sensing and being aware of reality, how could you possible continue a generically functional life?  Surely this adaptation to be able to ‘switch off’ and zone out doing mundane repetitive things or pointless jobs for hours on end to little reward are only possible if we live without feeling or living in the moment.

The Pain Body & Locked Minds

Some people seem to walk around like erect penis’, in a constant state of competition and and defensiveness.  It’s easy to fall into these patterns without higher conscious self reflection, it is after all safer and easier.  To push the status quo can be detrimental to some people.   Objectives and defined structures are more suitable, government and society on your site (power by association) .  If you don’t have any solid ground, it is very easy to lose yourself in the mind of another and be subject to destructive abstract thinking that doesn’t fit well within the machine.  ‘Hear no evil, see no evil’ seems to be the weaker mans solution to this.  Kind of like ignoring a society that’s built on cheap labor, exploitation and human genocide and continuing to participate in it.   But then again, I guess a peaceful life ignorant life could be better.

I would strongly vouch that 99% of people would associate someones words or expressed views as their own.  Devils advocate is a foreign concept and information that doesn’t fit in with bottom up processing (fitting information into pre-conceived ideas) is not well received.  “You’re one of those people.”

“God’s not real” said Timmy at the school ball.

*Timmy was stoned to death that day, he was a devout catholic*

Knowledge is the source of power and war.

I feel like everyone was friends in pre-school.  No-one really knew anything and we were all at a base level of ignorance.  There was no segregation and few had suffered many horrible life events and so had no need to ripple out their pain.  It is with knowledge that the magic dies, everything becomes explainable and the world appears to be ordered/ structured.  We then build on experience after experience, good times, suffering, let downs etc.  Some of us carry these residual feeling around forever, completely unaware of our projected hurts.  Before you know it, these people you used to know are unrecognizable and so ‘mature’ (entrenched in the machine) that they become barely recognizable.  I find it all quite hilarious, i can’t take anything that seriously, to my detriment i suppose.   I heard somewhere that ‘to those who feel, life is a tragedy and to those who think, it’s a comedy.’

I say open your mind, open it so much that brains spill out everywhere.  Let it be an open slather for everyone to see, laugh at and criticize whilst their own is like a soft boiled egg wrapped in tissues inside a pillow case.  This courage to express yourself is hard to learn and easy to forget.


Racism, class,  group discrimination seem to arise out of individual discontent.  To reach equilibrium it’s common for people to pocket hate and angst in other places, in turn, lessening their own angst.  The ‘it’s your fault, not mine’ kind of thinking although childish and blatant in this form, is masked well in this kind of scapegoating.  It the same way that a brooding Hitler found his scapegoats.

Active Listeners Have All The Power 

What a great skill to learn to be able to enjoy listening without constantly waiting to get your word in?  Like a teacher and a student, the student submits power to the teacher to gain knowledge and in this way the teacher becomes an authority figure.

In the same way, the listener who can empathize and think deeply in the other persons shoes has all the power,  the speaker submits their bleeding heart and the listener opens a valve of theirs.



The senseless drive to illusory actualisation

A constant call to action is like a fire-alarm going off in the house when there is no fire.

Anyone feel like they need to keep progressing in some way?  Maybe it’s a fear of sleep.  Consider that if we are our stream of consciousness, and not our feelings, emotions or memories then as soon as that stream ends, we die. (ie sleep)  On awaking, a new stream begins again with access to all past memories and experiences.  Like a duplicate. If you replicate someone completely, what is the difference between them and the original? They are both running off a fresh stream of consciousness in the morning.  If that makes any sense, then by the end of your life you will have died thousands of times so finite life seems to trouble at all, apart from the fact that your lineage ends.

There must be a human drive to procrastination, like a recharge feature on a phone, like a computer on ‘sleep mode.’   I heard that procrastination is the brain vetoing when you don’t have a fool-proof plan, I don’t know how much I agree with that.

It seems like we keep progressing towards an ultimate goal as organisms.  Progressing from asteroids(perhaps the original origins of life) to the sea in our cradle of a planet earth, to the land, to the skies, into space, into other dimensions (the internet) and then to where?  Genius’ pop up here and there are leaps of progress, globalization and then what, a hive mind?  Some celestial species?

I read that a plane off as little as 1 degree lands in a different location.  Given this, the butterfly effect then it’s absolutely necessary for everyone to be here.  With jellybean jar guessing, they find that the mean of all the guesses combined is almost always the closest answer to the reality.

We supposedly have better hearing in our left ear (most peoples tinnitus ear) and we also sleep better on our right side due to ‘improved heart dynamics,’ is this a co-incidence,  or did animals sleep with their keen ear perked up?

Neanderthals were Pale in skin and originated the red-haired gene, despite their wide set facial features more characteristic of races living closer to the equator.  They are thought to have migrated but not adapted the thin narrow facial features of Europeans (which work at keeping you warm and air extra moist) or large eyes for that matter, I assume that goes hand in hand with low UV levels  like fish living in darkness 5 miles below the sea.  They had incredible hormones making them thick and muscular (like nothing seen today) they were more hand-to-hand than other sapiens.  It’s theorized, although far-fetched that some neurotic traits arise from them.  The average Asians or Caucasian has 1-4% Neanderthal DNA.  Musical genius Ozzy Osborne’s Genome contains traces, he also has a tremor, wakes up very early and is dyslexic.

I think I’m trying to spell my last name with the courses i’m studying…. I’m not sure if it’s worth analysing.  Like most thinking it probably won’t come to any outcome.

McPherson –> philosophy, psychology, physical (health/ fitness),  (digital) Media   #Inb4 Tom Riddle

I just need to keep acting, taking in or progressing otherwise i feel like i’m going to drown in emptiness,  mediocrity and reciprocal thinking,

“I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.” – Newton

One of those days where you wake up at 12 pm and are just paralyzed  by depression and negativity, before you know it it’s 2pm, 4pm and you’re thinking about how to spend your day.

You don’t hate yourself, you don’t lack confidence, you can see yourself having a future.  But at this point, of there was a loaded gun next to you with one in the chamber there would be no hesitation to stick the firing end of the loaded gun up to the roof of your mouth and pull the trigger.

You browse the world through a small hand held device which allows you to access all corners of the world– too many corners, so many it’s almost impossible to navigate like being immersed in jelly, too much of a good thing and not enough people to help you eat it all.

No new uploads from subscriptions today,  let’s browse reddit ‘today I learned ‘ and watch some Eckhart Tolle but find you don’t have the patience and sit there instead wanting to scream like a victim from SAW.  Load up facebook, it’s kind of thrilling looking at what everyone’s doing until you contrast it with the reality of the world.  Most of life being lived through the hyper real.

The city streets seem claustrophobic and small, the pressure of urbanization weighs heavy so much so that it puts you in a constant state of flight or fight.  Knowing full well that you live in one of the most isolated cities in the world and most of your experiences will not be relate-able to wider communities.

Look at jobs, find that they all require mind numbing work or some longer term commitment or experience which you can’t provide because, you already have a job… which you pay a lot of money to do. Study.  So you walk around broke and without purpose for 6 months delving into frustrating hobbies which you don’t have the confidence to go balls deep in.

Surrounded by negativity and people who are too different, conservative or absolutely beta to gain anything from them 1x 0 = 0.  Becoming completely detached from empathy for no other reasons than selfishness, frustration and the angst of suppression and exclusion (Earhart Tolles ‘pain body’) all the while knowing that the human brain by default in the 21st century world is wired for discontent and striving from an early age, constantly searching for problems to solve and when finding none, promptly invents some to attach meaning to something meaningless.

Completely hating and wanting to negate a culture that is ‘just what life is’ for everyone around you but at the same time realising that you know nothing.  Just too physically tired and blind to think coherently, almost agoraphobic in dread to take any serious action in one direction or another.

Raw Eggs, Beer, Dumbbells and rethinking Chaos Theory.

So last night at 2am after listening to ten minutes of ranting by my friend (not that I don’t enjoy this) about shitty Perth/Australian lifestyles,  we resolved to head down to the jetty at Hillary to scream;  excuse my paraphrasing, “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK”

fuck if i know

He was talking about  how it would be better for us in America, how Steve Jobs  and Bill Gates would have only ever been lawyers if they lived here,  not innovative billionaires.

Low and behold at the Jetty, after pissing on a wall, we came across two gentlemen sitting down casually playing chess.  My friend recognised them from the restaurant he works at, apparently they managed to get food after closing having never met the managers before.  It turns out they were also fans of the Four Hour Work Week… But they also had ‘non-jobs,’ or so we were told.  That is assuming they weren’t just classy meth addicts.

These guys had been on similar paths, at least one of them.  Hung lee, it turns out started his venture in 2009 (now 27) after he realised he wasn’t going to make big bucks with a mechanical engineering degree.  This guy was making 4k a week off niche sites (i’ve tried this too much…) and shrugged it off like nothing.  He is now a business owner who’s moving to bali to live!  I was talking about the same thing earlier in the year.  Imagine cheap everything, pools, massages, tropical life all you need is a laptop to work a few hours a day and bob’s your unc.

The other guy was some sort of Personal trainer who was starting up a holistic fitness magazine .  Reminded me of Elliot Hulse in a way although more reserved.

Anyway, we all had a good chat about this and that, Perth, entrepreneurs, the US, meeting Tim Ferris… All at 2am on a jetty at Hilarys.  We got their facebooks and numbers and invites to ask for guidance whenever.

I’m just sitting here now after drinking two raw eggs, a mid strength beer after having down some dumbbell rows thinking, ‘wow, what a co-incidence.’  Or more than that?  Surely the lives of two privileged white kids who want to work less than they already do are in no way scripted when there are 7 billion other people with their own problems and dreams.

In any case, I guess unearthing the secrets of heaven and earth will take more than a couple of late nights and typing.